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2024 Summer Update

Interactive models, further reading, recommended sellers, and more

Already underway is a grand summer update, the first major influx of content since BC Gnomonics' inception one year ago. This update brings many exciting new features, the majority of which have already been rolled out!

Addition 1: Third-party resources

This update brings with it a new section for every instrument page: a multi-tabbed menu where visitors can find 3D, interactive instruments, quality third party writings, and a compiled list of the best instruments currently on the market.

This block of additions is intended to supplement the current host of BC Gnomonics resources, curating a collection of valuable tools that aligns with our mission. These third-party offerings fill certain gaps in our existing offerings, serving visitors a multimedia experience that is designed to educate, excite, and inspire.

Addition 2: More instruments

Also coming to BC Gnomonics this summer are several all new instrument pages complete with written descriptions, overview and demonstration videos, plus the new third party resources that will be standard practice going forward.

Instruments such as the navicula, astronomical ring dial, lunar volvelle, and crescent dial will all be added to the home page.

Addition 3: Crossovers and new content for existing instruments

With the influx of new instruments, certain opportunities for crossover arise. Over the next few weeks, new videos delving into unexplored subtopics will be added to existing instrument pages.

For example: using the lunar volvelle in tandem with the astrolabe to model the movement of the moon for a given date.

Also coming soon is a new and improved explanation of the equatorial ring dial's self alignment, contextualized by the crescent dial.

It's an exciting time for BC Gnomonics, with lots of new content on the horizon! Oh, and in case you missed it, try your hand at the Sundial Trivia Quiz in the all new activities section!

Evan Boxer-Cook


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